Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Apr 05

Ohh... you caught me riding the JukeBox Welcome to this Saturday's Official Pornstars® Gallery! The weekend is going to be hot for sure, with everything SL has to offer. Miss Emily for instance is having a lot of fun on the beach even before her SL Porn party begins. Hmmm, I think that juke-box is not there for the music, as everyone will be listening to Yana's tunes anyway. Hey, Edvard says you might win it, that'd surely would make your weekend sweeter!

But enough with the 'music' and parties, and let's move on with the pictures: today we have the second part of Vixeee's shot by Bewitched Difference, Arnno Planer's shoot with fashionblogstars (is that a word?) Tinkerbell Faxel and Lona Lenroy, we have Hans Goossons with Bamboo Barnes, two pics by Anita Dark , the second featuring Suna Squirtella.

We have more Be! I know! She's all over the place, but i love this 'Swirl' set. And i love Anna Angela's work, and what about Shougun's happy ending? It's not the end of the gallery yet tho, since I am showing you one naughty nipple slip by Lasga Claven featuring Elle Caerntown, from the Addiction Fashion blog. Then i give you a quickie by Carla Draesia with Domino Dupre, a proud display of Talisker Braveheart by Ruby de Rosemont, Nichola Catteneo, double trouble by Moon featuring Gwen, and i wrap up with Zeo Xia being photographer Jackson Greycloak's midnight snack. Because you'll come back from all the porn group parties hungry, i am sure. Have a great day!

  Softness...Softness... Like sisters MileHigh Judgement of Cross Judgement of Cross Swirl...... Swirl...... Swirl...... 88 Happy Ending.... Happy Ending.... Addiction #1.2 A QUICKIE WITH DOMINO_04042014_001 Nocturne Milking Session Red 

Hot with tat Needs Needs Jack's Midnight Snack...

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