Friday, April 11, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Apr 11

Hear, See, Speak...No.

So, we have the Official Pornstars® Gallery here, and TGIF! We open with a new Spirit Eleonara picture, and you can see it. Not speak it or hear it, save those activities for something more interactive, like one of those Pornstars parties. Featured in this picture together with Spirit: Hard Rust, Kressarah, and Ace Nokkers.

Now, for more pics: we have 3 from mr. Jackson, the first featuring Serenity and Louise Kristan-Faulds, the others himself with Sandy Miggins. We have Diablo Balazic, and for the DC comics fans, we have a few pictures with Sucu Uriza and Zas Hermano as Green Lanterns (on a completely unrelated note, did you know that there is a Green Lanterns Corp in SL? Retired SL porn maestro Rysan Fall has even made a promo video for them that is pretty awesome. End of unrelated note. You can stop squinting to read this). Where were we? Oh yes: we have Precious Blanco with Master Draco, Moon, Meg Corral, Burly Tigerpaw, Chrissy Zipper, we have in Rosie Clift yet again one newcomer shot by Marika Blaisdale, and i wrap the gallery up with more Lou and Sere (this time by Zuby Gloom), with Anetta Larsson, Yukii Kawanishi, Laura Demonista, that smexy Alisha Cedarbridge (by Jadelyn McAuley), and one gorgeous shot of the equally beautiful Vixeee. I am so running out of time and space, and i just wish you a great weekend!

Serenity and Louise Yellow shade Jax_Sandy_Elysion_Bathhouse_2 Jax_Sandy_Elysion_Bathhouse_1 Dia color banner Green Lantern Corps 3 Green Lantern Corps 6 Green Lantern Corps 8 Tarzan and Jane Bored !!! I might be blunt I might be loud but I have feelings too. Come with me..... Getting Fit Rosie 2 Boats & Boobs 2 (less boat & more boobs) (Serenity & Louise) Innocence Come to me Ugly Alisha Volcano

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