Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Apr 13


To Spend A Sunday Afternoon - A Blog Post
Hello and welcome to your Sunday's Official Pornstars® Gallery. How was your Sunday Afternoon? I hope you can spend it like Beth MacBain. You can spend some of it reading her blog, it's always thought provoking to say the least. And full of what i'll label for the sake of brevity 'horny stuff'.

Of course you can just have a lazy one like Marika Blaisdale. Or on a beach, like Shuougun. Which i feature twice. Because i really like beaches. Or because i am lazy. Whatever. I'm boss today. Like Babygirl in her pic. Oh no, i am starting to try and get clever with the segue from one pic to the other. I'll just say who is on: Tornado (tornadoswift), Laura Demonista, Starr Raine, David Dowd in his own pic, and shooting Chandi. Then Murderdolls Sveta Shevchenko featuring Carla, a cheeky Finn Millar, Bewitched Difference featuring Jackson Greycloak, twice, and a double take by Taken Studio as well. And finally, we have a beautiful return in Jewell, the ever pink Ayara, and more pink (and yellow!) with party planner Moonie, ending with a yum one by Maximus Mil, featuring Kittyinda Henhouse. And... Just have a great sunday, will ya?

Lazy Sunday sunday on beach sunday on beach I’m boss today. The Locker room Non, je ne regrette rien Keep Your Hat On In The Moonlight Am Not Enough Chandi III "*PS*Carla Glance" Prize Tasting... Tasting... the cocks and her inseparable New Beginnings no title Spring Time (2) Cock worship

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