Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Apr 26

Kat & Kei (4.26.14)

Shhh. Do not disturb. We are shooting. Well, Kei Frequency is. And i am sorta distracted atm.

Yes, this is the Official Pornstars® Gallery. There are pics. Some are even pics of a pic. like our opener. So mind blowing.
Anyway, you can get in here by submitting your picture in the pool of The Sexiest® Flickr Group and/or the Erotique Reflections Group. Which also helps you to get yourself seen by other members of said groups. If you don't use Flickr for some reason, just contact us through the in-world mail.

On our gallery today: after a long night of dj-ing, photographing, organizing the Erotique Spirits Photography group and all sorts of stick waving, Spirit Eleonara, by Hard Rust. And, in three pictures by Trysten, we have Miss Emily. Before what will possibly be a long day of partying at the pool, filming, managing her SL porn group and all that jazz. Then we have Zoey Winsmore by and with Jamezz Doulton, Yoho Waco, Ali Lancrae, Vixeee, again on our pages Maeva Pearl, two pics by Omer Smithson featuring Parthenea Mytilene. Then, one of those sensual closeups by Ash, 2 pics by Klaudia, one perfect shot by Kato Salyut, and a triplete of Stolen Sword featuring Kristina Deschanel. Oh, I am running out of space already. Well, there ya go: a stunning b/w by Laura Demonista (one of the millions!) and a sexy shot of that cutie Muffin Emerald. Have a great weekend!

Spirit Lounging Around Archeology Affairs - Exploration Archeology Affairs - Treasures Archeology Affairs - Initiation Vampire Zoey Mia Putana... Cherries&Cream Snapshot Girl Power cum ice ! for u girls !!! (2) the pink room Random encounters Random encounters Spill Bound Bound Bound longing Senza titolo

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