Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: April Magazines part deux

And here it comes, as usual packed with stars,

BUSTed Magazine

BUSTed Magazine April 2014 OUT NOW!

The lineup of photographers for this 'sci-fi' themed issue is very rich as usual and same goes for the curvy models. Toran Babenco shoots for the cover the explosive Alanna McMinnar, Kei Frequency really enhances the beautiful figure of Christina Vilda, and Rosa Rhiadra in a wonderful outfit looks at her best under the eye of Lexie Jansma. There is so much more with Desiree Loxely featured by London Zane, Moonie shooting Kyaya, and re-entrant in the adult entertainment Tova Valeska graces two magazines this month showing off for Busted aficionada Aliecia Lionheart.
As usual, the issue offers the entertaining column by Ayara Illios and was put together with the solid contribution by Colleen Criss, who is also featured in the Meet the Team spot. The amount of informative material for fashion and the world of enhancements is terrific and of sure interest for anyone reading this, I merely mentioned the 'pornstars' in the issue. So...

You can get your copy now by subscribing at any Busted Kiosk in Second LIfe (like this one here) IM Rachel or check out the notices in the Sexiest Pornstars group.
And it's with Rachel that i leave you, because i left out so far what i consider the highlight of the magazine: a Barbarella-like photospread of the magazine owner Rachel Swallows, who interviews her photographer, Rix Spyker. I have already expressed my appreciation for the creative mr. Spyker in the past, just read the interview and be the impartial judge. I am sure the pictures alone will be worth it! That being said, enjoy this little bonus pic here:

  See you next month with Busted, and please feel free to contact me in world about more magazines to be featured, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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  1. thankyou for a great writeup for the Mag!! Love Rachel XXXX