Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: April Magazines

Here we are , starting with the new month also the coverage of SL adult magazines. This time I manage to announce Lust magazine on its own, waiting for the next issue of Busted.
Please, if you own a SL magazine who is relevant for our community, feel free to bring it to our blog's attention.

Lust Magazine

Issue 21

Trysten this month really delivers for the magazine, starting with the cover photo. His exact words are 'This month's issue has more of my interviews than a fertility clinic'. Hey, don't ask. I just report this stuff. Back to the cover photo: his model, and first interviewee this month is a well known name in Tova Valeska, followed by a rather quirky one with beloved pornstar Sweet Melons. I don't think i have ever read the question 'Did you do any anal beads with any leprechaun' before.

As for the rest, Quinn Ying brings her usual contribution with jaw-dropping outfits in her 'No panties please!' column, and with an interview to Busted Magazine owner Rachel Swallows. This issue sees even more fashion tips through the debut of London Zane's 'London's Closet' and Erika Thorkveld is back with her very inspired storytelling in a shoot where she mercilessly tortures some unfortunate silly girl.

Submission - 18
You can check out the whole issue on their website! it! And have a great day. And month!

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