Sunday, May 25, 2014

'Flickr Bot' - Android App On Google Play Store

Recently reloading my tablet with App's I thought I'd give 'Flickr Bot' a try. This is not the Official Flickr App, or mobile version of the web site, but a separately produced app for Flickr users. As our Second Life Porn scene revolves so much around Flickr, Pornstars members may want to grab this free App which in my opinion improves a lot on the existing Official Flickr options very much.

Having only used the actual Flickr site before on my Tablet via Chrome and Mozilla Browsers, and occasionally the Official App which i don't like too much. I found it really nice to browse my contacts uploads, and check out the Sexiest Group while away from the computer. 'Flickr Bot' makes it a really pleasant experience, in a nicely presented package. I grabbed these screen shots from my tablet to post here. Demonstrating the looks, layouts, and features.

Get Flickr Bot Here At Google Play Store.

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