Sunday, May 4, 2014

Graham Collinson's 'Pornstar' Jedi Temple

Graham Collinson always brings us shoots packed full of the very best models on the Pornstars scene. This Star wars spectacular is no exception. No doubt at all this collection of Jedi's in training will have our blog readers feeling a lot more than just the force.

Looking at this room full of lusty Jedi, it's not hard to see why Yoda looks so very old to young eyes, he's only 32 you know! The randy little bugger.

Featuring : Fleur Coco,  Rox (workitbish resident), Anashara (Resident), Erika Thorkveld, Vixeee (Vixen Resident) Tatiana Easterwood, and Graham Collinson as Yoda!

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