Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello! Pornstars! : SL Porn's Official Pornstars Party #2

What better way to celebrate and welcome Miss Emily's SL Porn Parties into our official calendar of events than to show you all just what you've been missing if you don't get yourself along to one! With Ali Lancrae's awesome 'Pornstars® Paparazzi' skills too its all just too hot to miss isn't it!?

Myself and Pornstars party planner Moonie have just updated the 'Pornstars Party Page' to give everybody on the scene a complete and up to date guide of every official social event on the scene.

If you're looking for fun, looking to mingle with some hot and sexy Pornstars, looking to network, make contacts, make friends, these are the places to be! Click right HERE! to visit the Official Party Page!

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