Monday, May 19, 2014

Lisa Languish's 'Elves and Fairies'

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_001

Lisa Languish/Vixxen Rainbow has produced a quantity of memorable, unique sets, combining a high and still ever improving quality of the images with great taste and attention in outfits and looks. Her imagination and Zuriel's as seen on their Edenfell blog are always highlights of her production. And speaking of Edenfell, I quote her post about this set. Which, as you can see, is absolutely unusual.

It seems I'm on a fantasy kick, lately. Yes, I know its all fantasy, but I'm referring specifically to the genre of ogres and fairies and dragons (oh my!). This photo session was done with Lisa as a forest elf and Vixxen wearing her new petite fairy mesh avatar. The two of them had some fun in the forest in ways that only fae can do! You can also view the set on my Flickr page at Elves and Fairies

I spontaneously added a short story to accompany the photos. I hope you find some pleasure in the reading, if not just to enjoy the pictures more.

Here's the link to her post again, which is complete with an erotic narration of it, and the link to her flickr.
This blog being aimed at a broad audience (not exactly families, but...), I have often to refrain from giving the amplest coverage to especially kinky sets, with 'unusual' avatars, especially non antropomorph ones. I just find this set here to be a real delight and a feast for the imagination and the endless possibilities offered by SL, so...enjoy it!!

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_002

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_004

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_007

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_008

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_010

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_012

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_013

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_016

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_019

5-16-14 Elves and Fairies_018

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