Friday, May 30, 2014

Look Out For... Busted Magazine

Boobs & Bikini Special

May is dawning, and it will be soon time for Busted to hit the stands. Like, it's Coming Soon.

And there are pretty important news about the magazine. Did you know that you can be a part of the August issue of Busted submitting a picture? No? Well, darn. Then you have missed this month's magazine AND my post about it! Oh well, read about it now. On the all new Busted Magazine Blog!
So, while we wait for June, I bring you a small selection from a few gorgeous shoots published in the recent past issues and shared on flickr. And that's just a mere sample of the splendid pin-up photography for the curvy you can find on the mag and just there. Get it from any in-world kiosk, or IM-ing Rachel Swallows.

Enjoy the talent of Kei Frequency (shooting xGwennyx and Christina Vilda, for the March and April issue respectively), Dominic Dawes (model: Aintzira, from May's issue), London Zane (featuring Lou Moonlight, February issue), and Zaria Velde, from this May's issue, shooting Brianna Rumsford. Gwenny (4.3.14.a)

Gwenny (4.5.14)

Gwenny (4.5.14)

Christina (5.2.14.a)

Christina (5.3.14)

Christina (5.3.14.a)





Busted Magazine February 2014

Busted Magazine February 2014

Busted Magazine February 2014

Bri Busted 06

Bri Busted 07

Bri Busted 08

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