Thursday, May 1, 2014

Look Out For... Omer Smithson

porn star ;)

It's always so exciting to have a newcomer on the scene who produces pics, and even feels so confident to try out with movies.

This time I am talking about Omer Smithson.
I hope as always that his endeavours serve as inspiration for everyone: you can see him hanging out at parties, and being active without just waiting for opportunites, but rather creating them. ANd i am sure, he is having a lot of fun with it! Just check him out on his flickr.


cali & omer

cali & omer 2

cali & omer 3

cali & omer 4


in ur face 2 !!!

for u girls !!!

sarah omer_011

pool party

Omer's movie with Carla after the jump

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