Friday, May 16, 2014

Minotaur Productions ' The Audition '

The Audition - 00

A comic book story from Alexus Minotaur is always an exciting event! With its unique blend of hot, crisp photography and a humour that uses SL as setting like no other production, Alexus never fails to entertain. This story makes no exception, and i just leave you to Alexus' foreword. Follow the link below to be treated to the full lenght of Alexus' exciting piece, of work, and don't forget to have a look at his blog too for some of the past adventures of a true pioneer of SL Porn.

"Introducing a new comic from Minotaur Productions. Featuring the ultra hot Ravnous Black, the always naughty Eva Brunswick, the well gifted Alexus and the polifacetic Paperbot as Jacob.

The good Jacob dreams being a pornstar. The director Alex is not convinced, so Jacob decides to bring his ultra hot girlfriend to impress Alex. Check what happens next'.

The Audition - 01

The Audition - 08

The Audition - 12

The Audition - 14

The Audition - 15

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