Monday, May 12, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 12


morning sunshine

Hmm, ok, where were we? Oh yes. It's a happy ass Monday with the Official Pornstars® Gallery! Very appropriate, as I am very behind my blogging schedule. With some amassing, awassome, fantasstic pics to blog, such as this one from Zaria Velde! And a buttload of terrible jokes. Ok, i'll keep these to a minimum, i promise. As always, there's a lot of beautiful sexy behinds, meshy or not, to be seen.

It seems only fitting (tightly!) to start with the anal queen herself Suna Squirtella, featuring Jackson Greycloak. I think he started the shoot wearing his wristwatch. Hmm! But let's follow with Tate's fine behind by Texas Rob McRae, Daimaju Clowes, Ash... and I couldn't have an Ass monday gallery without Bewitched Difference: here's 3 pics from her, featuring herself and Zuby Gloom.

Then, a couple of gorgeous pics by Lisa Languish, featuring herself (Vixxen Rainbow) and Zuriel Bedlam. And then, a very inspired shot by Luv Caramel, one of those Graham Collinson views , this time on Cassandra Hastings. On a monday we have obviously Domino Dupre, and Moon in a brilliant shoot with a very lucky (and cute!) python, and two shots featuring Brat Amanda, the first by her with Aum Parx, the second by the super talented Daniella Swashbuckler. And I am ending this with nature, featuring one of Spirit Eleonara's pictures of a piggy Candace Flossberg, and with my regrets for missing on the Cinco de Mayo, with Kerri Fegte and yet ANOTHER ass joke!

Have a great (rest of) the Monday :-)

The Bar(e)-Maid The Bar(e)-Maid Bar(e) and Rotten Wide Tate in Red & Black_084 Pure Sex goodnight kiss Tattoo made by Rachel for me :)) Tattoo made by Rachel for me :)) Zuby 

sneaked in my bed and..... 5-8-14 Zuriel & Vixxen_002 5-8-14 Zuriel & Vixxen_005 Hot Ass Cum Shot Cassandra II Made In The Shady 1 He's cute,no? Shower Fuck & More with Aum Shower Fuck & More with Aum Why, 

Petunia, you look ravishing! xD 2 for 1 Happy Ass Cinco de Mayo

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