Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 13


First...Lemme Take A Selfie..

Dedicated to the beautiful shots posted on The Sexiest® Flickr Group and/or the Erotique Reflections Group, or that came in through the in-world mail, this is the Official Pornstars® Gallery. On a Topless Tuesday edition, just for you. Take a selfie of your splendid boobs, like Christina Vilda did! Or someone else's. There's plenty variety.

For instance, Robert Stein took a shot of Elise's, Graham Collinson of Junah's, and Rox (workitbish!).The delightful Jill Delicious (Jizzy34 Resident) took one of Moni's (not that she doesn't have gorgeous ones herself! ), and Mirko Panacek offers us a double treat with Louise Kristan Faulds, and Serenity!
We have also parapazzo'd, actually Pappy Razzy'd breasts, of Isabelle Bazar, and back speaking about Mirko, we have some fine showing of the Sensuelle Lingerie appliers for the WowMeh body, by Erika Thorkveld and by Kirsten Smith, in 2 pictures. Then, i publish a pic of the gorgeous fashion blogger Luuna Yoshikawa, one by Spirit Eleonara, Precious Blanco, Yoho Wako's pecs (with a fine lady in the shot too, ok...), and sensuous material by Beca Staheli and by Klaudia. Two pics by Laura Demonista, two by Domino Dupre (from yet another smashing blog post), and we are already over. Man, there's just never enough space. See you tomorrow!

Photo - May 13, 2014 at 09:30AM Junah Rox II Moni 

, in a another world ❤ Louise Serenity (B&W) a la Plage WowMeh Fashion - 1 - 5 (see my blog; address in description) Sensuelle Lingerie 3 Sensuelle Lingerie 2 #219 In Ruins
Reluctance Face of sin Boyish Delight 6 Hell`s Kitchen Rule Britannia London Calling Snapshot 211 Out In The Sunshine 2

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