Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 14

Closer to Heaven

Welcome to your Hump Day Official Pornstars® Gallery. Featuring the most humpable stars in all of SL! Or something like that. Well, darn, just look at Anetta Larsson. Not to suggest anything, but...

Featured today: a double take by two of the best creative minds in SL erotica, featuring also 2 pairs of sexy feet and other very relevant parts! It's Ash and Melinakis' pictures respectively, featuring also Ashlynn Jameson and Quika. Followed by fine work made in France by Omer Smithson, featuring Candice Flossberg and someone wearing really big glasses.
Then, Murderdolls Sveta Shevchenko, Rix Spyker in one of those sexy pics with Luna Talon, Alexus Minotaur featuring Eva Brunswick, and why not, a trifecta of pics by Mack Adams the 3rd, featuring the always erotic Leanna Mai.
Then, it's always a pleasure to feature veteran pornstar photographer Pel Beaton, with paparazzi shots of Juicy Sahara first, Fleur Coco afterwards. Moving on, we have one pic by Angel Eulenberg, from a much ampler set which features even Ron Burgundy himself! Well ok...not in the flesh.
And then, after two by the ever voluptuous Carmen Luscious, after Nakuru Bergamasco with Zynda, after a visually impaired Bewitched Difference, I close with yet another double take on the same scene, featuring and by Beca Staheli and Nyx / Zoey De Dong, which is always nice to see in any way, shape, form or gender. Have a great party time, people!

two feet ahead Focus on... candice a omer_001 (2) katina & omer_005 (2) "*PS*Pussy" Spanked The Wolf of Second Life Messy Titty Fuck Messy Fuckin Hot Ride Juicy-Collage Fleur-1 Jeredin's Casting Call 16 Milking Cow 3 Milking Cow 5 Morning Delight Blindfold......... Your Forever Is All I Need Tease and Play

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