Friday, May 16, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 16

either physically or metaphorically...
It's Friday , and you are welcome to peruse our Official Pornstars® Gallery. I hope you are physically and metaphorically ready for one intense weekend of hot SL action! Starting with William Weaver and his usual magic with lights, colours and cryptic picture titles. But Zuby Gloom's 'Light lines' are not too shabby either!

And everyone in this gallery is looking so damn -metaphorically- hot, as we move on with Moon and her 'Nubian touch', in two pictures. Followed by Carla Draesia with Carrera Decuir, Chandi, Laura Demonista featuring Elbereth Exonar in a little homage to Bernard Broono, Ceri Qinan with Quin Tachikawa, by Melinakis, and more naughty kitties in action with Zoey Winsmore's pic appearing with Cally Ormega. Then, we have our naughty Dj Yana Grau double teamed in 2 pics by Jamezz Doulton, and we have Kerri Fegte being the ninja nudist she is. Closing our gallery in style, we have a pandemonium of sexiness with Linc G showing off with Sydney Garnet, and with two pictures with Daimaju Clowes meeting Vixxen Rainbow in the biblical sense. Physically! ...Or metaphorically. Whatever!
And then, Bewitched Difference, Cora by Delicious, and we ride to the sunset with Louise Kristan-Faulds , in a lovely pic with herself and Serenity.

Have a great weekend!

Light Lines The Nubian touch The Nubian touch OUR CRADLE OF LOVE_006 Hat-On1 Bernard's Harem Ceri napping... Zoey and Cally at a NaughtyPixel Movieshoot #2 Filling Yana 2 Filling Yana 3 Ninja Nudist Reconciliation [20140511 Pandemonium 011] Temptations Temptations See me.. Cora, who's there ? Sunset

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