Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 18

Morning Cuddle
It's Sunday, but the Official Pornstars® Gallery doesn't go on a break. We love to bring you pictures we spot in The Sexiest® Flickr Group, the Erotique Reflections Group, or We received in the in-world mail.

We open today with one lovely picture from Keeley Snowfall, bringing us two sexy curvy models in Ravnous Black and Ivori Faith. Followed by Marika Blaisdale and her hot closeup of Suki Kagoshima (yum, this gallery is being published just at lunchtime here ), and by Jaden Eberhardt's lovely picture of Casey Tisane.
We have MW Jonson with Christina Vilda, and two mouth-watering views of Sweet Melons by and with Auttie (Auttumn Tyree). Then, Vierithra, River Oryl featuring Myo-Bo, Barrett Hawker, Dorza Silveira, Sandy Miggins by Texas Rob McRae, G-mo in action, Katty Pegasi wrapping up the winter, and a sweet Laura Demonista.

We are near the end: here we have two pictures by super-hot Obsession model Janna, ...sorta featuring Dominic Dawes in the second pic. But, HA! We have him in the flesh in the following pics, from a beautiful modeling shoot by (and also a bit with) Rachel Swallows. And to end the gallery, here you have a page from the ongoing "diary" comic by Little Puck. Which makes for a pretty entertaining read. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Sukin' Suki Waiting
Chillin With Hot Christina The tease! Sweetmelons Do need help? Sisterly love 1 Great Sunday Synnsual Sandy_025 agaisnt the window diary of a bitch " the end of winter " Sweet full stuff? Daddy Dominic Dawes Dominic Dawes MY DIARY PAGE 270

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