Friday, May 23, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 23

Water Nymph Hey! It's Friday! Thank your God, it IS Friday! If it's a pagan God that's out to score with some nymph, here's a water one in Spirit Eleonara. A truly excellent pic from a photographer (model, posemaker etc!) who always loves to challenge herself with new styles and new effects. But there's more: in our gallery, always a lot of variety and hotness, and gods and goddesses and wet nymphs. Nymphos too, I suspect!

We have in fact Ali Lancrae, Meg Corral with Hoobs, Laura Demonista by HeartWinter, Mr. Jackson enjoying his morning coffee, Marika Blaisdale with a very shy girl (look how bashfully she covers about 1/2 square inch of her nipple), Ace Nokkers headhunting (no, she is not in human resources), Yukii Kawanishi at the carousel, Iris Sweet. Then! Dokielicious Doobie (with a cameo by Mr. Daimaju Clowes and Logan O'Leary),Serenity Kristan-Faulds (by Louise Kristan-Faulds), Jazzmyn Dubois with Gabe, Mw Jonson with Lexi Fizzle, three pictures by Sandra Palletier showing the submission of Madaline. And then we close in b/w with : Lord Bane (featuring Anyka Aiséirí, Lexi Fizzle-Bruun, Ani, Lady Bane), Berry Ixtar by Barrett Hawker, Murderdolls Sveta Shevchenko and Laura Demonista. A'ight, I leave you to your prayers, have a great weekend everyone!

Beach House
moment Morning Coffee Sensual
Headhuntress I Headhuntress II Carousel Thinking of last night. Crooked Grind Driving Home Jazz 

and Gabe Having Fun With Lexi Madaline surrenders Madaline surrenders Madaline surrenders Submisives Wifey
"*PS* My Sweet Kitty"
Lean To

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