Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 24

Looking Straight at the Sun
Well, hi! You are looking straight at the Official Pornstars® Gallery. Headlined today by Anetta Larsson. Hmhmmm. No I am not faking thoughtfulness. I am just moving already to the super sexy pic that follows, by Casha Fall. And now, ready for a dip and about to get wet? Again, I am just reading the titles. Of the two super-sultry pics showing off Louise Kristan-Faulds' curves, by Serenity. And now I am done with sort of charade, and I am gonna list them straight, or I will need an overnight stay to keep up.

So we have Parthenea Mytilene by Melinakis, Blacky, a trifecta of pics portraying Sind0ll, by Graham Collinson, and another three fine displays of a beautiful woman by Dominic Dawes, portraying Ashley (Amosa). Then, Acey with and by Krystal Steal, Athene and Kennedy by Texas Rob McRae, and two revamped versions of the second most iconic Titanic scene, by Lunedory Oryl (featuring Jayfisher) and by Willow Onskan. Then, two very recent uploads to the groups from two very talented photographers: Isobel by Isle Biedermann and Kari Velvetleaf in a hot tub. And we close with one powerful work from Lasga Claven. Have a great rest of the weekend!
Louise - Ready For A Dip
About To Get Wet? Overnight Stay... Schlamp rain on me rain on me rain on me Ashley @ the pool_002 Ashley @ the pool_015 Ashley @ the pool_010 Put the Dildo inside... Athene_020 Kennedy_016 New Titanic ? Titantic pose Isobel in the hot tub

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