Monday, May 26, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 26

Jeanne+Jack: Blaze 2 backsides
Happy Ass Monday everyone! You happen to be on the Official Pornstars® Gallery. I hope you didn't get here by accident! Because if you did, oh gosh. You are gonna be treated to a view of fine posteriors today, from The Sexiest® Flickr Group and the Erotique Reflections Group. First today is a collaboration between Jeanne Sahara and Jack Parkin. He edits and she brings on the pic and that spectacular booty to be shot. Sounds good to me!

Then we have: Kirsten Smith's moneymaker, Jadelyn McAuley being all aphroditical and stuff (yeah this adjective is made-up. Well so is Aphrodite!), Manda Schmooz by Cameron Batista, sexiness by Babygirl, tuesday tooshiness by Nakuru Bergamasco, and more fine b&w captures by Laura Demonista and by Lauralar. Then! Jodie Whitman, Parthenea Mytilene, Copernico Ferraris, Moon, Leannan and James Wolfgang (by James). Followed by one uber smexy shoot made brought to you by Lana Quicksand, Elmaria Barbosa's yum butt by Maximus Mil, client work by Lasga Claven featuring Krystel Kayo, the playful Maeva Pearl, the ...equally playful in other ways Illa Elan, and I can't resist giving you for the finish a closeup of that exquisite Jeanne posterior. See you tomorrow!

Money maker Aphrodite Well, what are you waiting for...? Helpless. Happy Tushy Tuesday Linked Senza titolo Last Look Before Party TIme 002 Hmmmm, a hot GTO! tc02 Pluged Leannan and James Addicted To You Showing it off
kayo_001 (Client)
The Strip-Gammon 148

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