Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 28

Partee H22O 1200x857
Hump Hump Hump! It's Hump Day, and this is *not* a special edition of the Official Pornstars® Gallery showing all sort of humping. Sorry. But I am sure you can still enjoy what we have here. For instance, Don Roodborst brings us a fantastic pic of Parthenea Mytilene, who is beautiful and sexy as he declares. Definitely not one to dry hump, but to enjoy in all her wet glory.

Yesterday was also mr. Jackson's rezzday, and the two following pics featuring Precious Blanco really show how he enjoyed. Some candle-blowing was involved, too. Now, for the rest of the gallery: three pics from Cherishsky's set with mr. Edvard Taurion, Laura Demonista enjoying her work like most, Zuby Gloom in a couple of awesome shots with Lunedor and River Oryl, and Melinakis starting to stir suspicion as she stumbles 'by chance' in more private moments (pics featuring Ceri Qinan, Cathari Runo, Junah, and someone whose privacy we are closely guarding). Then, we have a beautiful phallic symbology, I mean, picture by Kato Salyut, three shots by Sweet Melons showing Tatiana Easterwood, Dokielicious Doobie and Tristyn Angelus, and finally: Luv Caramel, more Partee this time in 2 shots by G-Mo, and the ever beautiful Wednesday party girl Zoey Winsmore, with her Cally Ormega. Have a great day!

Precious Gems Rez Day Shoot 1 Precious Gems Rez Day Shoot 2 Jolly Rebel 2 Jolly Rebel 3 Jolly Rebel 4 Zoë - Work Slave Fittings & Bendings Kinky Not again! Really! Not again! Awesome Junah Lighthouse Tati Dokie Tristyn Post-Workout Shower deep in partee deep in partee Naked kitties on a deck at Midnight!!!

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