Friday, May 30, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: May 30

Open Wide Bitch Hey. Ohhh, was browsing my (huge, I admit) backlist of pics to blog for the Official Pornstars® Gallery, and look what I've found. This shot by Cameron Batista, featuring, I quote, 'the lascivious tart known as Lyra'. Well, that's a good opener for today, I'd say.? I can picture her mouth opening quite a bit wider, in fact. And that's just the mouth.

Ahem, ok, I am getting carried away. Look, I'll just proceed with the names (when avalaible :p): we have on the gallery today Fahye, Meryll Panthar, Jazzmyn Dubois, Erika Thorkveld ( that showoff! ), Bewitched Difference with Omer Smithson, x 2 (pics by Omer), Whimsical Me smoking, the smoking hot Charles Parker by Whimsical, and another pic by her that made me really laugh. Gotta love some good blonde joke, AND a lightbulb one! Then, we have another jaw dropper by Iris Sweet, Neofabulous, Laura Demonista in 2 pics, featuring also 'Zoë and Eddie'. And we have a picture by Moon with Gwen, one by Marika Blaisdale with Suki Kagoshima, two by Carrera Decuir with Carla Draesia, and we close with a few snaps from Willow Onskan getting a very exciting taxi ride. Dang , I have met some cab drivers getting awfully friendly, but this brings it on a whole another level!

Ok, I am done for today, and speaking of a taxi, if you are reading this between 1 and 5 pm slt (but also later...those parties just never stop sometimes!), just hop in world and ask for one, to the Block party, at Club Erotique and Hard Alley. You know you wanna! Have a great weekend.

Snapshot_008 22 

Weeks Ni Ni SL Beach Showing Off (see the video on my blog - link in description) be & omer_008 (2) be & omer_003 (2) Smokin Charles Parker Blonde Moments #2 Do not spray paint on the walls of the lighthouse! Security officers are entitled to 

bend you over and make you pay the fine! Editing Paint Gibby's Guide To Collar and Cuffs Lazy 3some Above Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 Taxi ride 004 Taxie ride 005 Taxie ride 006

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