Friday, May 16, 2014

The Pornstars : Page 3 : Erika Thorkveld

I've heard many times, and can confirm 100% Erika is a really lovely person, and was one of the nicest people I've worked with. Which is hugely important on a amateur scene where people basically do their porn for enjoyment and as a pleasant pass-time. Working with nice people is a high priority for almost all of us. So just by that alone I'd say Erika will be at the top of our Pornstars scene for a long time to come.

I hope you enjoy her mini interview below, and my in-depth sexy views of her, in regular glamour photography, 360 degree capture, and 3D!

SL User Name : Erika Thorkveld

SL Screen Name : (same - I'm not a huge fan of display names…)

RL location: France

All Time Favourite Photo Shoot ( URL ) : 

Well, I'll have to include two, because I just can't choose. And not even naughty ones! The first one is a completely unplanned one: the paparazzi-style photos Arnno Planer has taken of me. They're here:

The second one is a photo Tati took of her, Kat and me:

On both of these, I don't think anyone has ever made me look so beautiful.

All Time favourite Movie Role ( URL ) : 

"Hermaphrodite, Institute of Sexual Health 6", by Miss Emily. Hey, this one made me win 2 awards! *giggles*

Here it is on SL Porn Tube:

And here is the blog post on Miss Emily's blog:

And here are the photos of the shooting:

Who Would Your Dream Shoot Be By Or With? ( Never worked with before. ) : 

I would just love to be photographed by Philip Sidek! I met him once, we chatted a bit, and he said he would try to do a shoot with me some day. Was quite some time ago, but it never happened… Sadly, we hardly ever see each other online, and he's quite the busy man too… Looks like he turned into a frog lately though, so not sure anything will ever happen… *giggles*

Who Would Your Dream Movie Be By Or With? ( Never worked with before. ) : 

Mmm, well, there's this group of girls doing fantastic movies, how are they called already? Eroto… Eroti… something, can't remember… *giggles* But well, they're doing one movie in a year, I guess it might take some time… *grins*

*Blog Editor Makes Notes For future Erotique Movies*

What's Great About Being part Of The Second Life Porn Scene? : 

The people in here make it great! I'm still amazed at how creative people are, and also how helpful. I started with nothing at all, I just wanted to be a model and actress. And now, with everybody's help and encouragements, or just inspiration, I'm just everything! Director, photographer, story-writer, even fashion reporter! *giggles* Not to mention I've made wonderful friends here.

What's Bad About Being Part Of The Second Life Porn Scene?  : 

Well, you know, all these fans running after you in the streets, asking for autographs and used panties and stuff… And the paparazzi, oh my, the paparazzi, how annoying they are! *winks*

Naaaaah, I really can't say there's anything bad about it… Of course, there are always drama and people thinking they're in competition with each other and ending up having fights, and so on… But that's just as in every group of people, I guess. I just try to stay focused on the positive aspects - and there are many! - and not to get carried away with the negative stuff.

If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be? :

Darn… I'm so into taking things as they are, this is a tricky one… It would probably be expressing more some feelings I had towards friends of mine who have unfortunately disappeared one day without warning. One of the unpleasant things happening in SL…

See Erika In 360 Degrees and 3D! After The Jump!!!

Erika In 3D. For Red/Blue 3D Glasses.

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