Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Pornstars : Page 3 : Marika Blaisdale

SL User Name :  Marika Blaisdale

SL Screen Name :  Marika Blaisdale

RL Location : Poland. GMT +1

All Time Favourite Photo Shoot ( URL ) : 

There are two:

One taken by me - I love it for the load of sex. In fact, I do love shoot taken from bottom and this photo is complete. Besides, it did not take long to make it and I really like when not much editing goes with quality.

Second taken by Graham Collinson is the one I consider one of most erotic stuff I've ever been involved in. Simple, probably easy to do, but that is how big things are created. Simplicity is the key.

All Time favourite Movie Role ( URL ) : Nothing here. Been in two movies so far. Only in one of them I played main role, so it's pretty hard to consider it favorite.

Who Would Your Dream Shoot Be By Or With? ( Never worked with before. ) : When I started to think about it, I realized I am that lucky girl who's been already shoot by many famous, great artists. Obviously I am the one who's always eager and hungry of new things. Never worked before with Ash and it'd be my big pleasure if some day our paths cross.

Who Would Your Dream Movie Be By Or With? ( Never worked with before. ) : I'll curl my toes the day Emily sends me info she needs me for her movie.

What's Great About Being part Of The Second Life Porn Scene? : There are many. And I am not sure if I can really say about all of these here. So I'll mention one, but probably the most imporant one: I am not alone. Second Life is about people, and I've found few in porn scene who I consider my friends. I know I can count on them. It's really awesome feeling.

What's Bad About Being Part Of The Second Life Porn Scene?  :  Not so much bad things, I enjoy what I do. At some point I felt quite sad because few people from fashion business I worked at before decided to stop talking to me because of what I do now. But it's not really porn's "fault".

If you were exiled what country would you choose as your new home? : I'd change my name, go to a plastic surgeon and get back to the one I live in.

But if you need strict answer. I'd pick New Zealand or Japan or Uruguay. I never am able to decide between these.

See Marika after the jump! In 360 Degrees and 3D!

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