Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Pornstars : Page 3 : Serenity Kristan-Faulds

This is a Demo/Preview of a brand new Blog feature. I'll be putting application forms into Group notices for anybody interested in taking part. I'll hopefully be featuring many members in this series. I won't say it's daily, or even weekly, it will depend on free time. My own and those modelling. I hope you enjoy it, and see what it's all about below. I'm using myself as the guinea pig!

My hope is we'll find out something about each Pornstar. have some fun, and get a good in-depth look at them via 360 views, and even 3D!

SL User Name : Serenity Kristan

SL Screen Name : Serenity Kristan-Faulds

All Time Favourite Photo Shoot ( URL ) : Has to be with my Wife Louise Kristan Faulds. For all it represents in my Second Life. The passtime, and enjoyment of doing the projects together, as well as the sexy end results. Like this..HERE!

All Time favourite Movie Role ( URL ) : Loved our Erotique Movie, 'Vibrations In Time'.

Who Would Your Dream Shoot Be By Or With? ( Never worked with before. ) : I'll cheat a bit, and say two. Tatiana Easterwood i have been an 'Extra' or featured among many in various pics by her, but would like to be hogging all the spotlight in one! If I'm going for somebody i never ever worked with, i have to say somebody who i have enjoyed blogging many times over the years on The Sexiest®. Ilanit Orsini

Who Would Your Dream Movie Be By Or With? ( Never worked with before. ) : Nikki Arlington. Who is just sheer class. I have worked with her and been cast on three projects. I love the rough cuts i have seen so far. However none of the movies have ever been released, so i am counting that for this question! Due to her very busy RL and nothing released just yet! I think it still counts?

What's Great About Being part Of The Second Life Porn Scene? : From day one i loved discovering there was a 'Porn Community' not just a group. I like the fact the group has social side. Which helps to make newcomers feel welcome too. Also have loved seeing things evolve, especially photography on the scene. It's gone from simple snapshots which people in Pornstars did who never had a good enough pc for movies, to the #1 medium for porn, and producing the big 'Stars' on the scene. I'd love to see movies go the same way once again.

What's Bad About Being Part Of The Second Life Porn Scene? : I'm all for trying to keep things as they were when i arrived on the scene. That's a sense of fun, and a relaxed approach to producing Porn, and lots of creativity. I'm all for working to group people together like that. Not a big fan of too much structure or 'Corperate' type porn. I like to just be inspired and do something, and work with like minded people. Meetings, bosses, management, studios, titles, can get a bit heavy for me. Have been a founder of a big Porn Group, and occasionally had to sort out some logistics, but never really consider myself a 'leader' or had a tag with 'boss'. Am just a member of the group.

Hate any form of negativity, or spiteful sides to Porn. Something which i think has made the movies a far less pleasant experience compared to Flickr. Hope people chill out and have fun! This is a pass time revolving around sex, and being naughty, how can it not be fun!?

If you were a Super Hero, what powers would you have? : X Ray Vision! Hmm hold on i work in porn, that's redundant. I know..Flying!!! Hmm I'm in Second Life. I'll settle for my Inventory loading 'Faster Than A Speeding Bullet!"

See Serenity In 360 Degrees And 3D! After The Jump!!!

Seen In 3D with Red/Cyan Glasses.

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