Sunday, May 4, 2014

Welcome To May The Fourth : Pornstars Star Wars Day!

May The Fourth : Featuring Serenity & Louise Kristan-Faulds ( Pic by Serenity - Poses By Louise. )

Welcome To 'May The Fourth' the annual Star Wars Celebration in our Pornstars Group! We have a whole day of themed blogging and an in world party/Star Wars Exhibit today! ( look out in group chat at 1.00pm SLT for details. Dress up and join us! ).

Today on the Blog we have exclusive picture shoots, and a ton of themed Star Wars content from and featuring Pornstars members, and some of the best erotic photographers on the scene contributing. I have been delighted by the amazing response for this themed Star Wars Day. Thank you everybody who got involved, models, photographers, set builders, and pose makers.

Real life porn is full of parodies on things like this, and I'm very happy to see our Second Life Porn scene get involved in this way too. It's going to be a superb day and I know you'll all enjoy seeing today's special content.

Getting things under way on May The Fourth is this stunning, sexy, and quite brilliant shoot from Daeana Wierwight. 'Agent Taryn'.

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