Wednesday, June 18, 2014

'An Evening with Rachel', by Dominic Dawes

An Evening with My Moon_001

A photoshoot by Dominic Dawes with the woman he calls 'My Moon', Rachel Swallows, has to be something special.
As always, proper introductions are best left to mr. Dawes. From the Sexiest group notice...
On a date night between two star-crossed lovers ... someone forgot to turn the camera off and while these two lovers melted into one another the entire sequence was captured on camera ... *WARNING* Highly Sensual Images that tell an erotic tale ...
And the Obsession blog post:
Words would not be able to capture the incredible amount of passion shared that night ... hopefully these images will provide a glimpse. Please enjoy ... beautifully descriptive erotic language is one form of art that we both excel in as well as artistic imagery that tells a story.

So yes please enjoy the shoot, the complete version is on flickr. Have a great day!

An Evening with My Moon_011

An Evening with My Moon_012

An Evening with My Moon_013

An Evening with My Moon_015

An Evening with My Moon_018

An Evening with My Moon_020

An Evening with My Moon_022

An Evening with My Moon_026

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