Friday, June 13, 2014

Anatomy of a shoot: Vixxen & Jackson

Vixxen & Jax2

What happens when someone known for making composite shots of the hot sessions with his models, meets a super-hot model who is also a very skilled photographer and is known for not shying away from doing big sets of photos? Well, there you go: we have a couple new Gems posters in mr. Jackson's crown, and another groovy (and a bit grungy!) shoot from Vixxen Rainbow. I really liked it, and I think it serves as tribute to of course Lisa's beauty and skills, but also shows how much work goes into making Jackson's pictures. It's like having the uncompressed version of a .rar of smexiness. Maybe i should have put 'Unzipping Jackson' as a title. Hmmm.
Anyway, enjoy this collaboration, on Lisa/Vixxen's flickr, and the collection of the gems here!

Oh, in case i was not clear in the description: pic above by mr. Jackson, pics below from Lisa Languish aka Vixxen Rainbow. Just checking!

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_004

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_005

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_006

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_008

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_010

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_010

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_014

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_017

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_019

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_023

6-10-14 Vixxen & Jax Photoshoot_023

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