Wednesday, June 25, 2014

'Caught in the act' by Melinakis

Peeking in...

So, we are on SL. We do play the whole make-believe pornstars thing, take and appear in pictures, work on movies etc etc. Mostly, we do it because it's fun: as rewarding as it can be to enjoy porn-stardom, I do believe that too often it gets lost in the mix, the enjoyment it brings to get together with others and simply have fun and roll with it.

Melinakis is without a doubt one of the most inventive minds in the 'industry': you just have to check her flickr in case you haven't, to find heaps of truly erotic and sometimes daring pictures, and at the same time, many with more than a humorous touch. Most importantly, she thrives on collaborating with others and constantly challenges herself with turning stories and ideas into picture form.
The natural consequence of it is also that those ideas a lot of times evolve.

Seriously: it seems pretty straightforward to do a picture featuring 2 people having sex, and someone watching, more or less 'walking in' by accident.
Somehow...that turned into a whole series where Melina started stumbling upon people copulating, even in the most unlikely setting like in the middle of the ocean or on a mountain top. Which caused her to be arrested for being a peeping tom. But her beloved Ashlynn, with a crack commando unit composed of herself, Ace, Ceri and Suna, organized a spectacular jailbreak.

The couple emerges safely ('in a dolphin infested sea') and ready for new adventures.

Yeah, it all happened! Look if you don't believe me!

Shocking Relevations

Not again!

Really! Not again!

Now do you believe me?

Why am i getting this???

What is this world coming to?

Ceri & Ivori

Even on the mountain top!


Terrifying news for prudes!

Exclusive Escape Preview

The Break in

Can we go back home?

(featured in the various pics: Marika Blaisdale, Katina Cazalet, Ceri Qinan, Junah, Cathari Runo, Zuby Gloom, Asetta Nokkers, Parthenea Mytilene, Charles Parker, Edvard Taurion, Ivori Faith, Suna Squirtella, Iris Sweet, Suki Kagoshima, Ashlynn Jameson, a shark, and, obviously, Melinakis Resident)

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