Sunday, June 15, 2014

For our Sunday Readers


In the world of SL porn we get all sorts of kinks and fantasy scenarios. I mean, who doesn't find nuns sexy?
Ok i am getting a mixed reaction here. Anyway!
Pursuing a rather risqué route, here we have two sets who came to my attention in the past weeks. The first, 'Road to Redemption' by the beautiful Crystallia Gothly, featuring Tessla. The second featuring the spirited Dominique, comes from Erinyes Celestalis is 'To Repent or What'.
Of course, given the theme, a few of you will not feel too good about them, and others will just cheer them unseen. This sort of scenario is a reality in SL anyway, and I appreciate the effort put by the people involved. Have fun and look at them with benevolent eye!
(and if you send me angry letters, I'll read them only if they come with rare stamps).







To Repent or What (A)

To Repent or What (C)

To Repent or What (E)

To Repent or What (I)

To Repent or What (L)

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