Saturday, June 28, 2014

Look Out For... Marika Svenson

A Girl's Bestest Friend! 4

What a gorgeous new model on the scene, this Marika Svenson.

You might have noticed her at first through the work of Graham Collinson and Jamezz Doulton (featured also with Seriph Arrowmint in Aroused Magazine), and I hope you haven't missed the fantastic sensual set Nina Fearne produced with her. That's what I do the gallery posts for! But I will close the post with a couple of photos from those, not yet published on the blog, anyway.
What I absolutely love and want to showcase here is how Marika is doing a terrific work of showcasing her beauty in her own pictures. Sexy, and with a touch of light-hearted fun in bits. Enjoy the whole lot of her Flickr. I appreciate a lot her style and the looks.

And i kinda fancy her name as well.

A Girl's Bestest Friend! 2

A Day and Night with Seryph 5

A Day and Night with Seryph 6

The Creation of Eve 2

Endangered Species Sim Series 8

Endangered Species Sim Series 10

Endangered Species Sim Series 12

Endangered Species Sim Series 14

following ones by: Nina Fearne

Marika at the waterfront

Marika relaxing

Marika close up

coming up: Graham Collinson's work

Marika Svenson

Marika II

pics by: Jamess Doulton

Marika and Seryph 7

Marika and Seryph 1


  1. OMFG! I sure didn't expect this! I feel soooo honored and a lil freaked out lol! *Big huge sloppy grin* Thanks so much Katina! This is so sweet - I don't know how to thank you enough!


  2. First time using this blog so posted as anonymous - I think this will work a bit better. :-)