Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jun 1

Same Birthdate.... Hello and welcome to a new month of Official Pornstars® Galleries. And happy birthday to Bewitched Difference, who happens to share this important date with a true movie icon she bears a remarkable likelihood to. You know who I mean, obs.
Today according to my almanac is also the day when Sir John Suckling died. If you are not familiar with Suckling, here's an actual quote from him.

"'Tis not the meat, but 'tis the appetite
Makes eating a delight."

Well, that's Suckling for you. Seems appropriate.

Anyway, the month just started and I am already going overlong with this!
Who do we have on this gallery? We have Laura Demonista in two pics, a selection of four pics by the 'Beauty and the Vamp' set by CC Anton, featuring Kiki and Edvard Taurion, two shots by Sensuali Amoris (featuring Navinye and Thanamour), a good start of the day by Nakuru Bergamasco with Zynda, and a good continuation with AmandaMagick and Victor, by DarkAngel Marenwolf.
Then, lovely group contributor Chiaraluna, Robert Stein with Ashlynn Jameson, Freyja Nishi, a pic by Neofabulous with Sebastian Rage, 2 shots from a personal tutoring session Marika Blaisdale and I had the pleasure to share with Iris Sweet (who needs certainly no lesson when it comes to take a pic). And for today, we have a shot from the lovey-dovey couple of MW Jonson and Kirsten Smith (photo by Mack), more touching from the Great Temptation flickr, and we write the word 'The End' with the lovely Ashlynn in a pic by the prolific and wonderfully creative Melinakis, and let's not forget River Oryl's curves in it too. Hope we're headed towards a great new month, see you tomorrow!!

Curlies My Turn To Play bandicam 2014-05-31 03-17-36-382 bandicam 2014-05-31 03-23-43-795 bandicam 2014-05-31 03-24-18-180 bandicam 2014-05-31 03-30-50-270 Shemale harem Thanamour WinterSky Perfect start to a day Whispers SMILE Photo - June 01, 2014 at 09:30AM Summer wind Ⅱ S E B A S T I A N R A G E One student, two teachers. One student, two teachers. My Wife Caressing Me Relax and enjoy (2) ...the end...

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