Friday, June 6, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: More June Magazines

Not even a week into June and we have so many hot mags. Including the third issue of...


Aroused! Issue 3 Cover

Aroused! keeps its bi-weekly schedule and comes out with an issue once more very rich in content. Once more, this no-frills magazine is all about showcasing gorgeous models and the work of talented photographers.

Besides the beautiful cover model Delicence in a great photo set, you will find here hot exclusive pictures by Anetta Larsson (also with Steffi Fray), Spirit Eleonara (with Megzi, Cherishsky, Hard, Austin TempestZuby Gloom, Zoom Sprocket and a bunch of butterflies), Parthenea Mytilene. And a touch of Cindy Starostin and a shade of Graham. And that's without counting the personal work by Marika Blaisdale herself, who once more contributes to her own magazine with two photoshoots, one displaying the beauty of Ayara Illios, the other getting down and dirty (actually...clean) with Suki Kagoshima.

She's pink and gorgeous, and she's on this issue of Aroused! Guess who she is? - pic by Marika.

Get your fix of naughty but oh so very nice pics with Aroused! You must, because it has an exclamation point and everything, I can feel a sense of urgency already typing about it, Aroused! You can get it of course by pestering Marika Blaisdale in-world, it's my preferred method, but you might also find more handy to simply go on MP and get it for free at this link, together with any past copy you might have missed.

'Seclusion' by Spirit Eleonara - featuring also Zoom Sprocket

Enjoy, and please, insert my generic disclaimer here. Ok ok... feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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