Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Time to Relax and Tap Dat Herm!

Time of relax

Enough superlatives have been spent for Erika Thorkveld already through her stint as SL pornstar: so I won't go on and on about her beauty, naughtiness, talent, etc etc. But, one aspect I like to show here, is how she is always so active (her blog as you know has more entries than days in the month, which is fairly uncommon for a personal blog) and happy to work with a variety of people.
So, here I am showing you two sets she has been in quite recently, and couldn't be more different from one another! The first by newcomer Demba Walker, the second by the very established Aum Parx. You can tell by yourself the difference in tone between the two, beginning with the titles already!
But I am sure you will enjoy them both!

Time of relax

Time of relax

Time of relax

Time of relax

Tap That Herm 1

Tap That Herm 2

Tap That Herm 3

Tap That Herm 6

Tap That Herm 12

Tap That Herm 15

Tap That Herm 17

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