Monday, July 7, 2014

Hello! Pornstars! : July 4th @ Club Erotique #2

It was not just those U.S Pornstars having a fun time at Club Erotique on The 4th Of July. Pornstars is Global, and we all joined in the sexiness at the Erotique Beach Club. Which was designed and built by the events DJ, Yana!

The party had an added element of fun with a 'Sexiest® On The Beach' contest. With prizes from Warm Animations, and Sensuelle Lingerie and Beach Wear. So what better way to begin our 'Hello!' coverage than with those 'Sexiest®' winners! Partee ( above ), Erika, and Marika just below.

Of course the awesome sexiness was not confined to just these three. As you'll see below, and across two blog posts for this 4th Of July Pornstars Party! Thanks to everybody for coming along, and to Warm Animations and Sensualle. Everybody helped make it a special star spangled Porn event.

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