Friday, July 4, 2014

Look Out For... Ashley

Yeah.. what would you do

I have already the pleasure to cover Ashley (or Ashlie Akiko, or Amosa Sugarplum going by flickr and SL name respectively) as model for the likes of Romanic Touch, Trysten, and of course Dominic Dawes in a couple of really steamy sets.

But what about her as photographer? Oh my, not displaying her work would make you REALLY miss out on something special
Check out the flickr stream of this gorgeous model and you will find a lot of absolutely stunning pictures: the girl surely knows how to showcase her perfect figure. I feel like quoting a comment found on one of her pics

"Cute face, handfuls of hooters. Very nice. =)"
-Journey Texan

Well, who am I to disagree!
And I am sure with the opening set ("FIFA Underdogs", starring Plato Ninetails, Bigdaddie Mumfuzz and Lord Bane) she will make you stomach the whole soccer thing even if you are not fans.


Just as big as you

Gauging the Field

Vs Belgium

the underdog

Back seat ornament

Forest Bench 1

Forest Bench 2

Forest Bench 6

Forest Bench 7

Forest Bench 14

Forest Bench 15

Forest Bench 18

come and get me 4

come and get me 5

come and get me 6

Cool, Wet, and loving it

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