Saturday, July 26, 2014

Look Out For... Jenny Starveling

It is my pleasure to report that this late July there have been multiple sightings of the girl known as Jenny Starveling!

This elusive girl is always a source of amusing and sexy pictures: you have been warned. Her presence has been reported at a variety of places, including:

...Tierra de Fuego! The Gagged Bear with Bonnie! Marathon Caye!

...which is...

... a very nice place for sure!
(just works some appetite)

...hanging out with friends!
(with Chrissy Zipper, Chloe Cotton and Scarlett Foxx as Friend A, Friend B and Friend C)

...with horses too  ! (and Chrissy Zipper again)

...did I say 'horses' ? She was at the SL Porn Pool Party too ! 
(more pics of that after the hump, err jump) sea! the end of the rainbow!

...tied up to a pole!

...hanging out at bars!

...raiding the fridge!

...ok, i'd better stop. But more pics , including the SL Porn party ones with Rhiannon Tamerlane, after the JUMP!

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