Monday, July 14, 2014

Pornstars On X-Tube : We Want Your Movies!

I re published my article on how and where to upload your Second Life Porn Movies last week. If you missed it you can catch it here.

Among many Porn Tube sites that could host your Second Life Porn, I have found X-Tube to be a pretty reliable one. It has a decent upload limit, 1GB. Which is a big improvement on Naughty Machinima's 150MB limit. X-Tube can also be a stepping stone to getting your movie on to NM too under its 150mb limit, via a sneaky tip if you read the article I linked you to above.

Edit** Thanks to Pornstars members I will be adding to the list of recommended 'Porn Tube' sites which accept SL Porn Video. Such as 'XVideo' which has a 2GB upload limit!

Yesterday I uploaded two Erotique Porn movies which were not previously on my X-Tube account. They were lost last week on SL Porn Tube. To check the process was still reliable over at X-Tube and running smoothly. The uploads and video releases did take longer than we may be used to at sites like the old SL Porn Tube ( X-Tube warn it can take 72 hours. mine took a few hours. ), but once the conversion process was finished and the videos were up, I was very pleased with the results. I'm embedding the movies following the 'Jump' below.

We Want Your Movies!!!

The Pornstars Blog wants your movie Embed codes for X-Tube. To help keep The Pornstars group movies rooted in the community.

So please, if you're a Second Life Porn Producer, and a Pornstars group member, make an account at X-Tube, upload your movies. Send me your embed codes on a nc in Second Life ( Serenity Kristan-Faulds. ). We'll then gather them up and publish movie posts here regularly, and promote it to the Second Life Porn scene. You're welcome to include cast, movie synopsis, and a screen shot too for inclusion on the post.

Publish your movies right here!

See two Erotique Porn Movies After The Jump!!!

Kat's Anatomy - Erotique Porn

Pornstars XXX Factor : Ivori & Vince - Erotique Porn

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