Tuesday, July 1, 2014

'Sailing' with Ali Lancrae

Sailing 1

Another installment in Ali Lancrae's Re-ALI-ty series.
Released as a three-parter, this hot set of pictures features Ali herself as spectator of the naughty activities by Danica Foxtrot and Cally Winsmore.
Enjoy this fun romp, and check it out directly on Ali's flickr, so you won't miss the sexy descriptions. Even if the pics speak for themselves. And look out for the surprising ending..or shall i say post-finale!

Sailing 5

Sailing 7

Sailing 8

Sailing 2-1

Sailing 2-2

Sailing 2-3

Sailing 2-5

Sailing 3-2

Sailing 3-3

Sailing 3-4

Sailing 3-5

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