Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jul 16

Floating Along

It's Wednesday, aka Hump Day. Are you ready for your Official Pornstars® Gallery? Are your legs wide spread ? You have little time left to do so for miss Emily's movie, but of course it's always a good habit to have all week-long.

Our gallery opens today with an enchanting picture by Keeley Snowfall, 'Floating Along'. Followed by '#selfiewednesday by Diddy (is that going to be a thing? up to you!) and by : a selection of pics from Nearly Doune, with Viviana, by Raelin Jestyr looking uber-cute with Kei Frequency, Luci Lu (Happy rezzday to her!), a wonderful capture by Jeio and Ocean Rain, and more Diddy, shot by his model in the previous pic Krystal Steal.

And then we have: that hot herm pornstar known as Erika Thorkveld, posing with and for Sweet Mels. And Nakuru showing tender roughness to his beloved Zynda. And the very active Chloe Cotton capturing perfectly some solo action by Scarlett Foxx, and Murderdolls24 doing the same with herself. Legs wide spread! Remember! But first, 2 shots from 'Ebony Fantasy' by Romanic Touch, featuring as you can see a so very porny Parthenea, and why not closing with some Roff?
Have a great Eyes Wide Shut anniversary!

#selfiewednesday Viviana 5 Viviana 6 Viviana 9 DoubleTrouble Outdoor adventures watcher Damn... A bit of culture 2 A bit of culture 1 Good Ride Rough Sex Miss Scarlett creaming it2 *PS*Dancing in a cage 3 *PS*Dancing in a cage 4 Ebony Fantasy 4 Ebony Fantasy 6

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