Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jul 19

Break a Sweat2 Ok, basically, it comes down to this...
It's hot, in here. Here on the Official Pornstars® Gallery? Of course, yes. Metaphorical hotness. But damn, no. It's terribly hot where I am typing this. It's so hot than the picture I open the gallery with is Daimaju Clowes punching the air and hitting the imaginary me with CGI sweat, and that manages to not seem a terrible scenario. It's breezy. Go figure.

I wish I was on the moon with Laura Demonista, or in that alley that Bewitched Difference shows to Sam Hanks. Because it looks pleasantly not sunny. Even that rooftop where newcomer Two Spirit has likely her career shortened by Ivori Faith dropping her. It's a pic by Melinakis, so I am sure nobody has been permanently harmed, anyway.
Ok, time to do my job: in more random heat pics today! Rachel Swallows featuring Dominic Dawes, DarkAngel Marenwolf with Erika Tournier, and bits of that "Nora's Hot Afternoon" shoot by Jacquimo Jackson Expose'd. Then, Melanie Redstone by Graham Collinson, Trysten with Christina Vilda, pics from a beautiful sex set by Luci Lu, and then Moon. And Moon With Gwen too. Reminding me that it IS really hot today. A real heatwave. Makes me want to scream. Two pics by Ash, one by Kerri Fegte, and I am officially out for the day. If you are looking for me, I'll be in the fridge. Not Dai's fridge, hopefully. Have a great day!

Retro Boosters So i 

showed Sam an alley.... So i 

showed Sam an alley.... So i 

showed Sam an alley.... Ivori & Two In 

the heat of the night Turning up the heat Nora's Hot Afternoon Nora's Hot Afternoon Nora's Hot Afternoon From Russia with Love DirtyWetSexy. Lick Pleasure Deep Climax This Life it's really hot today ... Ash in her birdcage Heatwave
The Scream of a Naturist

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