Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jul 20

Who wants dessert


Somehow the opening pic of this Official Pornstars® Gallery leaves me speechless. How can you top that?

I thank mr. Twincities for the wonderful contribution, and moving on, I show you also: snippets from Eva Sobienska-von Schönberg (Shalimar Poliatevska)'s exciting set, Iris Sweet with Cally Ormega, Delicence with Rainbow Brite (ok, or not), Darkangel69 Vig by Graham Collinson, die wunderbare girls Lona Lenroy and Tinkerbell, and a really fascinating body study by Agustin Wonder in 2 pics. Plus a really cheeky one!

Then, Murderdolls24 with the sexy Erotique DJ Yana, in 2 pics. And there is more: 2 very summery pics by Downboy, 3 shots of G-Mo in action with Tieran, and personal favourites in Bamboo Barnes shot in vibrant colours by Hans Goosson, and Lunedor Oryl by the ever skilled Athena Obviate.
Have a good ending for this weekend, and let's start the next week of summer in a positive way!

Worship of the Goddess1 Death of a Pornstar: The Last Tape I 

Thought We Would Just Sleep Over And Watch 'The Notebook'! One of those wonderful moments Legs Up! Snapshot_541 [ TInKi & LOnA = ♥ ] Wonder Photography - Body Study Wonder Photography - Body Study Wonder Photography - Sailor *PS* Relax With Yana *PS* Relax With Yana 2 High Tide Chain Reaction Tieran getting it Tieran getting it Tieran getting it Behind Me
Lunedor - Bottoms Up

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