Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jul 3

Warming Up

Hello and welcome to this Thursday's especially thick version of the Official Pornstars® Gallery. Our warm-up picture is by Marika Blaisdale, and for a beginning, I might be biased, but it's already off the scale hot. I don't consider myself responsible for your safety as you browse with me the wonderful work by our Sexiest members.

Starting with: Luvi Unplogged-Lichlore's amazing work, Melinakis with Ceri Qinan and Ashlynn Jameson, Juicy Tequila, the equally motorized Parthenea Mytilene, Elbereth Exonar in full mesh glory. Then, a selection from 2 wonderful sets: Purplerain Exonar with Teqi Falta, and Cindy Starostin in her 'arabian princess' version. More sexy pics with Ivori Faith, 3 from her too and her continuing 'Superstars' series, this time with Delicence, Deelite Zenovka and Carmen Luscious.
Then , 3 b&w shots, one obviously by Laura Demonista, and the others by Louise Kristan-Faulds. Probably from a chiropractic session. I'd gladly perform some manipulation on those fine bodies (Serenity in the first pic, Louise in the second). Then, the wonderful iQLia SLunce, Domino Dupre, mr Jackson with newcomer Crystal Mizser, Krystal Steal with the lovely Kim Strawberry, and i close with the statuary Acey, photographed by Lasga Claven. Have a great day!

Morning Worship Doctor said Spoiled and Sleek black corvette 01 070214_013 rear  view TEQI TEQI Teqi... Dancer Zen Arabian Princess Delicence Deelite Carmen Come And Get It Lazy Sunday Morning Louise in bed Agua con sal Beat the Heat 2 Crystal Mizser Gems Shoot 1 Deep Dildo.... Get Licked...
<jiggly-bits> model : Acey

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