Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jun 5

Shannon Portal_solo_048

Welcome to yet another edition of your Official Pornstars® Gallery, helping you relax for the weekend. We open today with one of Dominic Dawes' patented modeling shots, this time bringing us Shannon Portal, whom he defines 'A truly drop dead gorgeous woman and a pure joy to work with'. Well then! It's my joy to move on now with my blogging work and bring you more and more gorgeous guys and gals, but please don't drop dead. Or at least not before you click the +1 button or something.

We have two shots of Ivori Faith by Jaden Eberhardt, a very condensed version of Erika's (spoiler alert!) 6 stars Slutty Outfit Efficiency Report, followed by Bewitched Difference's special public service announcement: do NOT, EVER, leave your car alone. That's why she, uh, is keeping the car company? I don't know. But the pics are hot. But apparently no vehicle is left behind in the world of porn (even if they often break or constantly run out of gas), and so we have more mechanical porn with Lord Bane featuring CeeCee and Partee, 3 more pics by Parthenea Mythilene herself, Jenn by Omer Smithson, Maeva Pearl, and a selection from Moonie's set with Girzila. Closing with a bit more pink and a bit more of Omer, featuring this time the dangerous curves of Carla Draesia. Have a great rest of your weekend!

Tied and Taken 2 Faith SOER 4 - 4/29 SOER 4 - 15/29 SOER 4 - 23/29 Don't ever leave your car alone Don't ever leave your car alone Don't ever leave your car alone Don't ever leave your car alone ceecee and partee Action late in front of the strip club 07 Ferarri, Girl, City, Sunset black corvette 02 black corvette 03 jenn 2 The Motorbike Vintage Pump (10) Vintage Pump (11) Vintage Pump (12) Vintage Pump (13) Carla & Omer

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