Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Catching up with....Omer and Carla

Carla & Omer

I am very glad to see new photos lately from monsieur Smithson, after his summer break. His style is constantly evolving and he surely knows how to make a scene look interesting.

I have also greatly appreciated throughout his young photographer career the active collaboration with fellow French person Carla Draesia.

Carla, as many of you hopefully know, is not just a photographer living the porn life enjoying all sort of naughty endeavours in her land and around SL, but also a very versatile, dedicated, motivated model, flexible in her looks and enjoying to pose and provide the photographer with what they desire. I am very glad to feature both, and you can see in Omer's photos how hot they look! Enjoy the flickr of both (Omer - Carla )!

Carla & Omer 1

Carla & Omer 2

Carla & Omer 3

Carla & Omer 6

Carla, Bombshell & Omer_010 (2)

Carla & Omer

nice 3some

Carla & Omer 6

Carla & Omer 4



Carla & Omer_009 (2)

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