Saturday, September 20, 2014

Domino's 'Tell Me Who Are You' : 100+ posts and counting !

Who are you

Blogging is not exactly as easy and spontaneous as it sounds. I think quite a few of you readers have tried in the past to dabble in this: it presents very few technical challenges -proof is, even I can do that!-, but to actually keep your own interest in updating it past the initial enthusiasm, often proves to be a very insidious trip in the quicksands.


This week, Domino Dupre has celebrated a milestone, with her 100th post on The Domino Affect. I truly appreciate and admire this accomplishment. Keeping the desire to regularly blog and establish a relation with an audience is already commendable by itself, as I said, but when you actually look at what Domino has been doing in barely a year and a half, you have to be appreciative of the intense work nearly every post has behind it.


Domino's blog has brought us inverviews, extended photo sessions, reports about locations in SL, and we do know how demanding and often frustrating that last part can be.

iNK mE 2

One of the latest posts as I write this, is one of Domino's trademark 'Places to play' features that had to be scrapped due to the disappearance of the location. Experiences like this are the norm in SL, not exactly a world where there is any guarantee of ...anything... being permanent. We and our creations in the metaverse are probably not meant to last, no matter how much passion we put behind what we do.

Starship Intercourse

But hopefully we are going to have fun and an escape, at least.

ink Me

I do hope that Domino keeps her passion for blogging intact and to celebrate soon another hundred of posts, and hundreds more after that. Peeking at her very first post, we already find her motivations and thoughts clearly announced.
ink Me

The plan is to feature a mix of eye candy with articles, reviews, interviews and tidbits from the SL adult community and those that cater to them. While I imagine this is going to be slow going out of the gate, please hang in there with me.

And months later...

Duo Purpose Corndogs

Over 1,000 pictures, and 100 posts, figured it was way past time to give y'all a little background on me. And if ya don't care about that, then please check out the new pics :)

In Blue

Absolutely do so, and with all the congratulations in order, now allow me to put some more tits in this.

Emmanuelle Jameson...

Because, just before her 100th, Domino manages to capture the sexiness of Emmanuelle Jameson herself, so, why not showing you some of that set too?

Emmanuelle Jameson... You'll find it all, I said it...on her blog !

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