Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello! Pornstars! : Erotique Pool Party : Sept 21

Thanks to DJ Yana's great Club design at Erotique. Every Sunday we get to transform the venue into a Pool Party! At the same LM as the Friday Pornstars event.

Which all adds up to fun, and an exciting party to attend. A great way to finish your weekend. if you like camming, chatting, having fun with other members, or even grabbing a chance to snap a few hot Pornstars naked! Then this is the event for you. Every Sunday at 1.00pm SLT. Look out for SLurl's and announcements in Group Chat.

If you missed this or any other parties covered on our 'Hello!' posts. make sure you check out our Party Guide Page. You can catch Info, and SLurl's on this and all our weekly parties right. HERE! 

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