Saturday, September 20, 2014

Look Out For... Cindy Starostin


Too easy, and too hard.

Making a post featuring some shots by Cindy Starostin is like shooting fishes in a barrel. If fishes were all super hot and wetness inducing and...ok this metaphor is not going anywhere.

But seriously: Cindy has an amazing avi and knows very well how to make it look perfect in every pic. She has a distinct style in her photos but keeps varying and keeping it fresh. She is prolific in her production and has now a wonderful model for her naughtier images as well in Syxt Reyes - you can see in this post some photos from her great work with him on Aroused 10 -. She has a great attitude to work with, and if anything, she is criminally underused as a model by others, which anyway is a common trait for lots of very skilled photographers.

So, here's just a few pics from this summer, but I could easily make a dozen of these posts, and put her in the gallery ones daily. Enjoy!


I'm In Chains


In My Dreams



Play With Me



Hard Rain

Beach Blonde


Her Skin

Vintage Vixen



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