Monday, September 29, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Sept 29


Hello and welcome to a new and exciting week in photos, with the Official Pornstars® Gallery, bringing you fine displays from The Sexiest® Flickr Group and the Erotique Reflections Group and your kind submissions and recommendations. On Mondays we like to give a special part some good lovin', so, Happy Ass Monday!

Today opening with a very inviting composition by Anyka Aiséirí, topping a gallery star-packed and brimming with sexiness. We have Emmanuelle Jameson, Dokielicious Doobie, Dakota Faith, Rosalee Rhiadra. Hard to top such a lineup of hot pornstars! But there's of course more, with a totally naughty photo by Bibble Sugartooth, the classy nude by Grazia Horwitz, Beth Macbain and Nichola 'Nikki T' Catteneo (with a little help from Daddy Chill!) testing so very professionally and thorougly their new mesh stuff. And we have Ass Monday aficionada Kelli Kristan, Graham Collinson with Demonique Moonbeam, Dee (sweetoz) with cheeky lingerie, Ali Lancrae with a clever pun, Jeremy Seasick with...well, a damn sexy ass! From the guys too, yay.

And it hardly gets any sexier than Ash in her wonderful photo, and we keep a great standard with Ophelia Ayres, Racheal Rexen, Yana Grau paired with Shannon Portal (wow, that's hot!), Diablo Balazic, a fun scene by Sunny George (been there, lol), and we close with a pic featuring Marcela Werneck and Black Maynard in one really promising effort from a new photographer. Have a great day!

Emmanuelle Rear View Full Moons Sumthing wicked Mmmmm Sexy Ass ~Ill 

Give it to you all~ 02 [Fun time} white light Pucker Up! Test Ride^^ Follow Instructions Demi V-BODY LINGERIE BY PERCH Assk Me No Questions.. Happy Ass Weekend virtuoso Black Master Eating New Belleza Body 2 Wet bums Waterfun I-thought-you-said-videogames Voyer Delirium

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